Get involved with AoMO …

There are many ways you can get involved with AoMO. You could become a Community Board member, get involved with our journal, Organizational Aesthetics or host a conference. The information below will help you get started.

AoMO Community Board Member
Role of the Board
The board’s purpose is to enhance the AoMO community through a broad set of activities, including on-going communication (including social media, newsletter, and academic journal) and activities both related to and in addition to the bi-annual conference (such as managing the artist-in-residence program, managing an off-year online “developmental” conference, and regional events).
Board membership will expose members of the community to the practical workings of AoMO and potentially prepare a pipeline of future directors of the company.
Board Membership

  • Chair – manage the board meeting process and oversee other board members
  • Social Media Manager – gather, generate, and manage content across social media platforms
  • Newsletter Editor – gather information and publish a periodic (maybe quarterly) newsletter for the AoMO community
  • Organizational Aesthetics Editor-in-Chief – overall management of the journal
  • Regional Rep for Europe
  • Regional Rep for Americas
  • Regional Rep for Asia-Pacific
  • Member-at large
  • Member-at-large

Member Selection Process (ongoing)
The board will create a process for the ongoing selection of members, including standard length of terms and renewals of board membership.
Member Selection Process (initial)
The directors of the company will present the idea of the board to the AoMO community and solicit volunteers to be board members. The directors will then select the board members from the volunteers.
So, if you are interested in being a member of the AoMO Community Board, please submit a 500 expression of interest detailing which role you would be interested in and what you would bring to that role to Steve Taylor at by March 15th 2022.
Organizational Aesthetics
It’s been ten years since the journal Organizational Aesthetics was launched and our founding editor, Steve Taylor is ready to pass the position of Editor-in-Chief on to someone else in the community. The Editor-in-Chief works with the team of Associate Editors and the Editorial Board and provides overall management and leadership for the journal. Because the journal is self-published this includes taking on many of the activities that would traditionally be done by the publisher.
If you are interested, please contact Steve Taylor ( directly to talk about what is involved in being the Editor-in-Chief.

Host an AoMO Conference:

To organise an AoMO conference is a big event, not only does it attract academics but also artists and practitioners each of whom will have very different expectations of what a conference is, and what they can accommodate. In addition, a key feature of AoMO conferences is the blend of traditional academic papers with hands-on workshops, installations, exhibitions and performances – getting these elements to co-exist successfully can be a bit of a challenge. With this guide and our support we will help you organise a successful AoMO conference.

Application Form – Conferences


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