AoMO 2016 Poem – by Tannur ‘SheWrightz’ Ali

Poem by Tannur “SheWrightz” Ali

For IEDC Art of Management and Organization Conference 2016

Bled, Slovenia



This poem is a living document.  I hope to find that over time, the group that attended this conference will add to it according to their inspiration from our time together.  We have much work to do as we move forward.  My hope is that collectively creating art will be one way to process the enormity of the impact that we have felt from the 8th annual Art of Management and Organization Conference.


How Do We Manage

How do we manage?

Make space for the Civil and the Savage

In ways that take the fear away

In ways that inform our

Torn minds

Left brain, maintain sequential states of stasis

The basis for our hopes to cope

Right brains tuned

Wax divine

None of us inclined

To bring the fight



So we look out

On chaos and determine

Self to be solution

Despite our collusion

Knowing the truth is


The question:

What are we seeing?

Who are we being?


Characters in the tragedy of human existence

The comedy of consciousness

Our implicit reactions

To dissatisfaction

With being

Us to them

Or Them to us

Smashing each other like mirrors

In disgust


And what luck

Each one gathered here

To not be who I speak of


More-so solutions as we seep up and out

Of our stations

To take our places

In organizations

Not so wise as to mimic biology


So we try to rearrange

Our state of being

Our States of being

Our status being



I suppose I hope for seeing


How do we manage?


What if we studied our daughters?

Our borders?

The ends to which we’ll go to see safety

From our egos

Beneath the capes of our heroes

From the hoarders of Spirit

Wardens of the hidden hearts

That mean to bring our sleeping minds

To bear against the tyranny

Of blaring horns

Or strumming harps

Adorned in pretense

With immense contest and sequence

It seems we wrestle

With beginnings



Like sunrise and tides


And times we know we can’t stand by

And listen to the lies

That we devise

That say we must be inclined toward silence


Because what is war

But silence?

The muffled voices of the


Searching for salvation

In the downbeat

The beat-down

The hairs that shift and twist beneath

The Crown

Of ignorance


How do we manage all this?

Knowing we are drawn to implement order

Knowing this isn’t it


It’s more like water

Shifting sands of memory

Tempered, we be chaos and emergence

Quality and Conscience

Inside twisted by outer sight

Despite the truth

We can hear no critics

Don’t even teach civics in our schools

For the oppressed may come to know

That they too could rule

So we rape our muse

To keep up the rouse

That all that we manage

May just remain damaged


While we lack the courage

To attend our own shit


So here it is:

We manage by honoring the shift

From outward to inward seeing

Our privilege for what it is

Micro-aggressions that rule out the question

What are we fighting

If not our own fears

Of lives without office chairs

Or file drawers

Slammed on the fingers of…


AoMO 2016: The Highlights!

So, AoMO 2016 was the largest AoMO conference on record with more than 145 delegates from 24 countries coming together on the 1st-4th September at the IEDC, Bled School of Management to share their ideas, thoughts and creative passions on the theme ‘Empowering the Intangible’.

For posterity the Empowering the Intangible Programme 2016 is here, along with the full email-list of delegates. More photos, videos, artistic representations of delegates’ conference experience and pictures of the beautiful Slovenian landscape can be found on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Ao_Management and join our LinkedIn group ‘AoMO’

We look forward to seeing you all in Brighton, UK on the 30th August – 2nd September 2018 where we will explore the theme of Performance!


Shuttle Service from the Ljubljana Airport

From the IEDC:

We organized shuttle from the airport Brnik (Ljubljana) to Bled on Wednesday, August 31. There are 3 options: at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm and the price is 15€ per person that should be paid directly to the driver in cash or by credit card. Should you decide to take the shuttle, please send an e-mail with your preferred timing to: If you arrive earlier or later and would like to arrange taxi from the airport, you can send an e-mail to and arrange it directly for the price of 45€/car (up to 3 people).


On Sunday, September 4 we will organize shuttle from Bled (IEDC parking lot) to the airport Brnik (Ljubljana). . There are 3 options: at 1.00pm, 3.00pm and 5.00pm and the price is 15€ per person that should be paid directly to the driver in cash or by credit card. Should you decide to take the shuttle, please send an e-mail with your preferred timing to: If you would like to arrange taxi at any other time, you can send an e-mail to and arrange it directly for the price of 45€/car (up to 3 people).

Other alternatives are also available. See (You will need to cut and paste into your browser).

Poetry Slam 2016

Slam Poetry – A poetic contest where all are invited


Taking place on Friday September 2nd at 8.00 pm at the Art Cafe as part of “The Power of Poetry / Poetics” stream at the 8th Art of Management and Organisation Conference, Bled School of Management, Slovenia, September 1st – 4th, 2016


All poets unite

It goes for experienced, secret, hidden, and aspiring poets alike.

Go public with your poetry and you might become “Art of Management & Organization Poetry Slam Champion 2016”


The poetry slam at the Bled conference goes in two rounds. So what you need and are encouraged to do is to prepare poetry pieces for these two rounds (one for each round)

  • It has to be your own poetry.
  • You have to read it aloud as part of the competition.
  • Each poetry performance must last no longer than three minutes

Keep that in mind when preparing your two three minutes pieces of poetry.

 The poetry slam event is open to all participants of the Art of Management and Organisation conference 2016 both as contesters for the title and as part of the active audience in the poetry slam event.

The audience plays a crucial part in deciding, who becomes the fifth “Art of Management Poetry Slam Champion” in the history of the conference. Although there is a winner the Olympic motto applies to this contest: “It is not winning but participating that matters.”


How to join the slam poetry event

– If you are to be part of the audience just be there and be fair.

– If you are to join the competition and try to win the title:

Register by:

– Either by sending an e-mail to Per Darmer:

– Or by finding Per Darmer at the conference and tell him that you will be a participating poet at the slam poetry event. You can do that until right before the slam takes place 8.00 pm at the Art Cafe or until the slam is fully booked. So if you hurry you will have no cause to worry.

Pre-Conference Masterclass

If you are arriving in Bled early for this year’s AoMO conference then why not immerse yourself into the AoMO vibe sooner rather than later!

Join Monica Redden and Frankie Armstrong in Finding the Voice of Leadership Archetypes from 10am-4.30pm on Thursday 1st September.

The event is free to all AoMO delegates – just show up at the IEDC for 9.45am and get started! Wear comfortable clothes!

Registration is desired but not compulsory. If you have any questions please email!


The Age of Loneliness

Goffman (1959) taught us how we could understand organizations as theatre. In his academic work Steve Taylor has been more interested in how plays are used within organizations (e.g. Nissley, Taylor, & Houden, 2004; Steven S. Taylor, 2000, 2003, 2008) as an example of a much larger movement of the use of arts-based methods within organizations (cf Steven S. Taylor & Ladkin, 2009). Alongside his academic work, Steve have written plays as a different way of thinking – even theorizing (Steven S. Taylor, 2000) – about organizations. Believing that artistic understanding embraces its inherent subjectivity and is well suited for making meaning in complex phenomena such as organizations.

Steve has debuted a play at AoMO conferences since 2002 and this year is no different! Saturday September 3rd 2016 sees the inaugural performance of The Age of Loneliness. In The Age of Loneliness, June, a young playwright struggles with what comes after her success with her play, The Adventures of Yahweh and Kapital (seen previously in, The Invisible Foot). Can Yahweh and Kapital get along, what sort of relationship will they have, can they survive in a post-growth world, should she even keep writing the play? If this truly is the end of the neo-liberal consensus, what comes next? Can an omnipotent, immortal die?


Steve Taylor’s Play at the Art of Management and Organization Conferences

The Age of Loneliness. 2016. Bled, Slovenia.

Through the Reading Glasses. 2014. Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Invisible Foot. 2012. York, England.

Cow Going Abstract. 2008. Banff, Canada.

Blasphemy & Doubt. 2006. Krakow, Poland.

Ties That Bind. 2004. Paris, France.

Soft Targets. 2002. London, England.



Goffman, Erving. (1959). The presentation of self in everyday life. New York: Doubleday.

Nissley, Nick, Taylor, Steven S., & Houden, Linda. (2004). The politics of performance in organizational theatre-based training and interventions. Organization Studies, 25(5), 817-840.

Taylor, Steven S. (2000). Aesthetic knowledge in academia:  Capitalist pigs at the academy of management. Journal of Management Inquiry, 9(3), 304-328.

Taylor, Steven S. (2003). Knowing in your gut and in your head:  Doing theater and my underlying epistemology of communication. Management Communication Quarterly, 17(2), 272-279.

Taylor, Steven S. (2008). Theatrical Performance as Unfreezing: Ties That Bind at the Academy of Management. Journal of Management Inquiry, 17(4), 398-406.

Taylor, Steven S., & Ladkin, Donna. (2009). Understanding arts-based methods in managerial development. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 8(1), 55-69.

Thursday night (1st Sept) is music night @AoMO

Miha Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik is a visionary, a violinist and an exceptional virtuoso, both on the musical stage as well as on the management platform. He is the creative force behind cultural and diplomatic missions; his music is the medium for his thoughts and his vision development. Miha is actively engaged in cultural, business and political spheres as well as academia and civil society. His visions had led him to explore influence of formative principles of Art on evolution of society. It is his practical insight that creative environments need to be developed. On a raised resonance platform Art forces attract, “compose” and bind together different social fields. His method of interdisciplinary transfer from musical masterpieces to leadership and cultural development, inspiring scores of global companies such as Shell, Novartis, ING, Porsche, Nike and Microsoft, leading business schools, UN agencies and gatherings like Alpbach and the World Economic Forum.When on stage, his audiences experience the power of classical music on organizational transformation and his exceptional capacity to provoke “thinking out of the box”. Through his genius and deep insight into human existence, Pogačnik ’s methodology builds on powerful synergies between intellect and emotion as a crucial factor for true leadership and innovation.

On Thursday evening, in the beautiful surroundings of the town of Radovljica, you will be seated among the Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Elmar Lampson) to experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61. Through his method of “performance disruption”, Miha will guide you through the “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring a unique learning environment for leadership development. Through this process of musicality, emotionality, leadership and visual arts you will be encouraged to reflect on a number of issues; including whether it is possible to find solutions to pressing organizational dilemmas in the parallel world of a musical masterpiece? And whether it is possible for the musical drama of a classical Sonata to heal the contemporary omnipresent “crisis of meaning” by revisiting the sacred human creative biography?

You can find out more about Miha’s work at

Miha Lecture and performance for EU Ministers of Environment (1)

Miha Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik Profile

Full Paper Deadline 1st August 2016

AoMO confereessay.jpgnces do not require delegates to submit a full conference paper, however, for those of you who need to produce a full paper in order to secure funding the deadline will be 1st August 2016.

All full papers will be included in the published conference proceedings post-conference but only abstracts will be made available during the conference.

Please submit full conference papers to All emails should have the titled ‘Full Paper [author(s) name]. Please send as Word documents in order for the files to be easily integrated for publication. Files names should be in the format [author(s) name].doc