Art as Activism, Liverpool AoMO2020: Extended Deadline

Call for Streams and Contributions

‘If anything, art is… about morals, about our belief in humanity. Without that, there simply is no art.’
Ai Weiwei

Art can make the unseen seen. Art can shine a light on what was previously hidden — often things the artist believes should change. Recent AoMO themes, such as critique, creativity and empowering the intangible, have implied how the use of art can show us the darker side of management and organizations (Linstead et al, 2014). In 2020, we embrace this idea directly with the theme of Art as Activism.

More and more artists are using their art to disrupt, to confront and to question the status quo. Art can be used as a mechanism of protest, as a way of speaking truth to power and as a sense of possibility to fuel motivation for change. From Hamlet’s play within a play, to Banksy’s graffiti, to yarn-bombing – again and again art is created and engaged, not just for arts’ sake, not in an abstract pursuit of beauty, but with an activist purpose to challenge, to mock, to shine a light where it has not shined before. Whether it be performance art, feminist art or socially engaged practice, art is a form of political currency for actively addressing the social structure. Contemporary artists such as Jacob V Joyce, O’Hooley and Tidow, Sonia Boyce, Zaria Forman, Tania Bruguera, Ai Weiwei and the Guerilla Girls find their creativity inspired by social inequalities rooted in race, gender, sexuality, capitalist systems of oppression, environmental issues and institutional violence.

Drawing on their passion and creativity, the Art of Management and Organization 2020 conference takes on the theme of ‘Art as Activism’ with respect to organizations and management. Organizational studies have long embraced topics such as organizational change, power, control, and resistance. Yet, the role of art and artfulness within these processes has been largely ignored. In this conference, we explore the unseen aspects of art as activism in relation to management and organizations.

We invite proposals for streams, installations, workshops and exhibitions exploring the theme of ‘Art as Activism’ as part of the Art of Management & Organization 2020 conference hosted in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and the Bluecoat (20th -23rd August 2020)

…. Be bold! Be Creative!


  • Deadline for submissions: 01st June 2019 | email:
  • Submissions must be presented in Word.doc format and be no more than 2 sides of A4.
  • Please note: if you propose to convene a stream, it is assumed you will recruit papers and contributions and attend the conference to chair your stream.


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