AoMO2021 in the Pandemic: Extended Deadline

In the absence of a conference for the past four years, we thought it important for the AoMO community to have an opportunity to meet, share their ideas and network. We appreciate how important this is, particularly with the interdisciplinary nature of our work and the fact that many of us work on the margins or even in the shadows of our academic homes.

On the 25th-27th August  we will host a 3 part-day event on ‘AoMO in the Pandemic’. The theme is broad as we want it to be as inclusive as possible. Ideas for submission could include:

– That paper you managed to finish during the pandemic
-That paper that you really mean to finish before August
-The piece you had planned on doing at AoMO 2020 in Liverpool
-A performance that can be done virtually
-A zoom-based workshop
– A first-person account of your work in the time of COVID
– A panel discussion on the topic that is currently burning for you
– Something else entirely

The event itself will be run using the Qiqo Chat platform (, using zoom as the underlying video conferencing tool. There will be a nominal fee of £30.00 for attending (to cover the costs of managing the event.) You can sign up to the event here.

Please submit the following in no more than 500 words in a Word.doc:
– Your name and contact details
– The title of your piece
– A list of authors/participants and their roles
– An abstract/short description of your piece
– Your time zone and your preferred time for presenting
– How much time would be ideal for your piece
– Logistical requirements (being conscious of it being an online event)

Please send all submissions (no more than 500 word abstracts) to by 15th July 2021.

We will then dive into what we have and form a conference program. Our intent is to run three half days. We will also be working on potential plenary sessions, which may be selected from the submissions. This is all new to us, so we expect there will be bumps in the road along with delightful discoveries. We ask for your patience and forgiveness in advance.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information.

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