The 8th AoMO Conference, 2016

Date: 1st-4th September 2016

Hosted by:  IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia

Conference Theme

Empowering the intangible: exploring, feeling and expressing through the arts

In the spirit of exploration, play, creativity and critique, the 2016 Art of Management and Organization conference will explore the intangible aspects of organizational life. Proliferating our academic and professional discourses are calls to recognize, engage and empower the intangible aspects of organizational life – the felt, sensory and emotional aspects that so often go under the radar. Like the medieval court jester that could speak of things courtiers could not, the conference theme “Empowering the intangible” seeks out novel ways of exploring, feeling and expressing management and organization through the arts.

Empowering Landscape 2

Building on the work of the 2012 Creativity & Critique conference (York) and the 2014 Creativity and Design conference (Copenhagen), the 2016 conference embraces the arts and aesthetics as critical design elements – as inquiry, methodology, development resources, etc. – to explore, feel and express the felt, sensory and emotional aspects of management, leadership and daily organizational life.


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