Travel Advice for Slovenia

We have received some inquiries regarding security within Europe and Slovenia in particular. Slovenia is, and remains, one of the safest countries in the world with one of the lowest crime rates anywhere. It has ranked amongst the top countries globally on the Global Peace Index. Currently, like many European countries, Slovenia is experiencing an influx of migrants in transit across Europe. Consequently, there is an increased likelihood of delays at rail and road boarder crossings but there have been no reports of delays to air travel. Additionally, there have been no security incidents with respect to the passage or residency of migrants within the Republic of Slovenia.

The UK, US, Australian and Canadian Foreign Travel advise the threat of terrorism continues to be low in Slovenia and highlights that Slovenia has had no incidents of international or indigenous terrorism.

There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Slovenia and therefore all travellers. Travellers are simply asked to exercise normal, common sense security precautions


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