The Poetics of Conferencing

The poetics of conferencing by Andrew Armitage

Let’s rock the boat,

Free the goat,

Set your creativity free,

With art initiatives and education that let you see,

The disruptive potential,

That is essential,

For dance and art based approaches,

And choreographic reproaches,

Where the organisation is fashioned,

As we fathom with compassion,

About the creative city,

With a story or ditty,

Where process is art,

That you can’t tell apart,

From art as process,

For pressing progress,

As you experience special aesthetics,

Materiality, didactics and dialectics,

As you capture and curate reality,

Spaces and group creativity,

That are precarious,

And multifarious,

For conditions that bridge cultures,

To design worldviews and structures,

That enhance organisational strategic innovations,

And integrative art-based initiatives and realtions,

So dare to swim against the tide,

In an open stream you can’t hide,

Let your mind wander and dream,

Feel calm and serene or scream,


At organisational life and the performative,

Sustainability performance so informative,

Indulge your mind in poetry,

Examine its inner asymmetry,

Explore organisational design thinking,

Knowledge and social justice seeking,

Discover artistic projects,

Sensemaking projects,

Processional perspectives,

And organisational creativities,

Imagination is the ultimate,

So reach for the summit,

To share our new ideas and inspirations,

Innovations, directions and connections,

At the Art of Management,

And Organisation Conference.

Andrew Armitage 2014



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