AoMO Copenhagen 2014

The 7th AoMO Conference, 2014

Creativity and Design

Date: 28-31 August 2014

Hosted by: Copenhagen Business School

Conference Theme: Creativity + Design

To maintain continuity, as creativity has always been both a theme and a characteristic of The Art of Management and Organization Conference, the 2014 conference also highlighted design, and the interrelation between these two themes. The interrelation focused upon both the design of creativity, as some kind of structure is often needed to spark creativity (e.g. the Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier), and also creative design, underlining the idea that design is not purely rational but also a creative process in the arts, industries and organizations.


The design of the conference theme had at least the following four purposes:


  1. to show how creativity and design can be, and often is, two sides of the same coin


  1. to display the diversity of design, from structural design (e.g. Mintzberg, 1983) to improvisation where the interplay between structure and improvisation is highlighted (e.g. Kamoche, 2002) and further yet to seeing design as process (e.g. Weick, 2001).


  1. to encourage design industries and those researching them to become a more visible part of the Art of Management and Organization Conference and community e.g. architecture, fashion, furniture.


  1. to highlight the creativity of Denmark and Danish design (e.g. fashion, food, furniture, and porcelain)


Kamoche, K.N., Pina e Cunha, M. & Vieira da Cunha, J. (eds.) (2002): Organizational Improvisation. London, Routledge. Mintzberg, H. (1983): Structures in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations. New Jersey, Prentice-Hall.  Weick, K.E. (2001): Making Sense of The Organization. Oxford (UK), Blackwell.


Conference Highlights

2014 saw AoMO host 14 specialized streams that focus around the Creativity and Design theme, which were:


  • The Life of Organization Through Performative Poetry
  • Dance, Choreography and Organization
  • The Disruptive Potential of Art Based Approaches
  • Integrative Art-based Initiatives for Enhancing Strategic Design and Business Innovation
  • Spaces of Precarious Condition: Bridging Cultures, Designs and World Views
  • Fashioning the Organization in the Creative City
  • Art of Management: Sustainability Performance
  • Studio Pedagogy for Management Education
  • Art as Process – Process as Art
  • Design Thinking and Social Justice
  • Free the Goat: Art Initiatives in Management and University Education
  • Curating Realities for Group Creativity
  • Spatial Aesthetics and the Experience of Materiality
  • Organizing Creativity as ‘sensemaking’ – Processual Perspectives on Artistic Projects


Plenary sessions included:

Arts-Based Experience: an example by Krista Petäjäjärvi, Finnish performance artist

Keynote Speech by Daniel Birnbaum, Director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm

The Economic Body, a performance by Anna-Mi Fredriksson, dancer and founder of Art Division at Stockholm School of Economics

Through the Reading Glasses, a staged reading of a play by Steven S. Taylor, playwright and academic

Related Downloads

Conference Proceedings Creativity and Design 2014

You can find out more about the 2014 AoMO conference by following this link



Creativity and Design



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