Thursday night (1st Sept) is music night @AoMO

Miha Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik is a visionary, a violinist and an exceptional virtuoso, both on the musical stage as well as on the management platform. He is the creative force behind cultural and diplomatic missions; his music is the medium for his thoughts and his vision development. Miha is actively engaged in cultural, business and political spheres as well as academia and civil society. His visions had led him to explore influence of formative principles of Art on evolution of society. It is his practical insight that creative environments need to be developed. On a raised resonance platform Art forces attract, “compose” and bind together different social fields. His method of interdisciplinary transfer from musical masterpieces to leadership and cultural development, inspiring scores of global companies such as Shell, Novartis, ING, Porsche, Nike and Microsoft, leading business schools, UN agencies and gatherings like Alpbach and the World Economic Forum.When on stage, his audiences experience the power of classical music on organizational transformation and his exceptional capacity to provoke “thinking out of the box”. Through his genius and deep insight into human existence, Pogačnik ’s methodology builds on powerful synergies between intellect and emotion as a crucial factor for true leadership and innovation.

On Thursday evening, in the beautiful surroundings of the town of Radovljica, you will be seated among the Terra Parzival Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Elmar Lampson) to experience the process and performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto Op 61. Through his method of “performance disruption”, Miha will guide you through the “musical architecture of feelings”, exploring a unique learning environment for leadership development. Through this process of musicality, emotionality, leadership and visual arts you will be encouraged to reflect on a number of issues; including whether it is possible to find solutions to pressing organizational dilemmas in the parallel world of a musical masterpiece? And whether it is possible for the musical drama of a classical Sonata to heal the contemporary omnipresent “crisis of meaning” by revisiting the sacred human creative biography?

You can find out more about Miha’s work at

Miha Lecture and performance for EU Ministers of Environment (1)

Miha Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik Profile


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