The artistic studio: an ongoing community art building experience: An ongoing artistic project

Cecilie Meltzer, Assistant Professor in Art-based Learning, University College of Oslo and Akershus, Norway

Ellen Speert, ATR-BC, REAT, Director of the California Center for Creative Renewal


This ongoing AoMO community project is designed to recognize, engage and empower the sensory and emotional intangible responses of individuals from diverse backgrounds, as they come together to express their sense of self and sense of place and to make these elements tangible.

The intention of the project is to give participants space for individual creative expression as well as a longitudinal experience of how creative processes evolve. This will be facilitated through a space where you can create and reflect; a place where the use of different materials can express and embrace your experiences from the conference.


The project will be located in the heart of the conference, both physically and emotionally.  This will provide you with the opportunity to modify the “self-sculpture” as the conference strengthens responses evolving among you as AoMO participants.


An introduction to the ‘Artistic Studio’ will take place on Thursday as part of the informal opening of the conference. You will have the opportunity to collect your self-sculpture materials and then contribute to the community art building experience throughout the conference programme. Please visit and re-visit us and your self-sculpture. On Sunday morning, we will hold a debrief over breakfast in the garage – providing you with an opportunity to see, feel and share in each other’s experiences and understand a little more about the evolution of the community installation.


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