Bus Regulation: The Musical @ AoMO2022

Art, activism and the fight for better buses in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow by Ellie Harrison.

Glasgow-based artist and activist Ellie Harrison introduces ‘Bus Regulation: The Musical’, her epic trilogy inspired by the 1980s hit musical ‘Starlight Express’. Harrison’s musicals feature performers on roller skates to re-enact the history of public transport provision in three of the UK’s biggest city-regions.

Presented in collaboration with local campaign groups in Manchester (Sept 2019), Glasgow (April 2022) and Liverpool (coming late 2022), the musicals have helped create awareness and support for the need to re-regulate buses in order to provide the fully-integrated and affordable public transport networks each region urgently needs to address chronic poverty/inequality and tackle carbon emissions.

Ellie will introduce her work on Friday 19th August at 12noon.


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